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The NDTA Mission

missionSince its founding in 1944, The National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA) has functioned as a major channel of cooperation and communication between transportation and government executives who must rely upon industry’s services in the discharge of their responsibilities.

NDTA has undertaken this role because it was recognized early that a full and free partnership between industry and military forces was vital to the security of the free world. The military commander relies heavily upon the commercial industry in both peacetime and wartime emergencies. Military ownership of transportation equipment is extremely limited, thus the ability to deploy armed forces and supporting cargo falls quickly upon the nation’s railroads, trucklines, airlines, water carriers, and other transportation services.

Providing communication and cooperating channels between these two interests is a logical role for NDTA since all elements of transportation activity are represented within its broadiy based membership. Government planners and military leaders, as well as commercial executives are included in the membership and each has an interest in a stronger defense transportation goal.

One of the major strengths of NDTA is its chapter organization. Chapters are located in most of the major metropolitan areas within the United States and they cover much of the free world including Europe, the Far East and Central America. This network gives the Association unmatched prominence in worldwide transportation activity.

Not only is NDTA membership worldwide, but it encompasses every element of the transportation function. Public carriers participate alongside private carries rail executives work hand in hand with motor and steamship executives manufacturers, educators, military and government members each are involved.

NDTA Objectives94F5C9EF-D05F-42E5-BE02-440FE5B61A63_objectives

  • To provide a cornmon forum to discuss and endorse programs designed to promote transportation preparedness for the defense of the Free WoMd.
  • To maintain an awareness among the members of the Association, and to inform the public of the critical importance of transportation to national defense and its effectiveness and use during emergencies.
  • To provide active assistance, by study and action, in a nonpartisan capacity, to appropfiate Federal, State and Local Governrnent agencies engaged in transportation preparedness planning, and to promote recognition of the need for cooperation and support of carrier management in operationally effectieve planning.
  • To encourage implementation of plans and programs to assure transportation capability in time of national emergency.
  • To provide advisory assistance, upon request, to governmental agencies concerning defense transportation problems.
  • To encourage transportation and related industries to make available transportation management and operational personnel for prompt support of disaster agencies in periods of emergency.
  • To support, conduct and assist programs of transportation education, scientific iesearch and development, among private, industrial, educational, and governmental agencies which are designed to increase the effectiveness, economy and responsiveness of the transportation industry and allied services to defense needs.
  • To foster a spirit of patriotic goodwill and cooperative endeavor and mutual understanding among its members, industrial entities, the transportation industry, the Armed Forces and other governmental agencies concerned with transportation.
  • To support continued reliance on the free enterprise system of ownership and operation of transportation in the United States.

NDTA Today


Community advice_mToday’s standard of living is dependent upon an efficient, modern transportation network. A primary objective of NDTA is to help insure that our transportation services are always available and fully adequate to meet the commercial and defense needs of the times. That is why a prime function of NDTA is preparedness planning. Formal emergency transportation agreements, executed with such agencies as the American National Red Cross and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, are designed to permit transportation response to disaster situations in concert with the official government agency. Over the years, the Association has built a solid reputation for leadership in this program.


nation_logoNations throughout the Free World today are confronted with challenging economic changes and threats to their security. Almost all of these factors have a direct bearing upon transportation capability. Today’s transportation managers must be alert to the changing times and wellinformed in their field. NDTA is dedicated to making its members the best informed transportation managers, so that they are better equipped to meet changing issues as they evolve. NDTA meets this challenge through the sponsorship of conferences, forums, special issue clinics, educational material in the DEFENSE TRANSPORTATION JOURNAL, and monthly Chapter programs. Through these activities, NDTA members remain current in their professions and are better able to provide sound solutions to today’s challenges.


freeWorldThe contributions of transportation to world peace cannot be overemphasized. The modern transportation system serves as a world diplomat. Travel increases personal communication; communication increases knowledge; knowledge increases understanding; and understanding increases friendship throughout the world. NDTA has emerged as the leader in the international conference field. Conferences are scheduled annually in Europe and in the United States. Each contributes significantly to improved world understanding. The NDTA European Conference attracts up to 500 registrants from as many as fifteen nations.

Join the NDTA

joinUsA good transportation infrastructure is the backbone of any flourishing economy; nobody can or wil] deny that!

lt provides the basis for a fair distribution of goods of all nature and thereby of wealth and well being.

Not only does the above hold good for peacetime, it also applies to times of tension (or worse). The old adage “Si vis pacem, para bellum” is still widely accepted as a simple but demanding truth!

So, as an overwhelming majority of the citizens of the free world countries has always seen such a situation as preferable to any other, one must at the same time arrange for it to not only remain intact, but to be constantly renewed as well.

A forum that spends much time and energy to contribute to that ideal, is the National Defense Transportation Association: lt brings together transportation specialists from both civilian and military organisations. This allows a fruitful exchange of ideas and promotes transportation preparedness for the defense of the Free World.

Take out a few minutes to read the objectives of NDTA. We from the Benelux chapter of NDTA will then gladly enroll you as a fellow member and say: