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September 19 2017

U.S. Senate passes budget-busting $700 billion defense policy bill

(Military Times) The U.S. Senate voted 89-8 to pass a $700 defense policy bill for 2018 that would exceed the president’s budget request and break statutory caps on defense spending by $91 billion. Its passage adds pressure on Congress and the president to strike a deal that funds the federal government for 2018. Congress must ease the 2011 Budget Control Act caps or face an automatic across-the-board cut known as sequestration.   READ MORE

President Trump makes NTSB nomination 

(The White House) The White House announced its intent to nominate Bruce Landsberg to be a member of the National Transportation Safety Board for a 5-year term beginning January 1, 2018 and upon confirmation to be designated Vice Chairman for a term of 2 years. Currently, Landsberg serves as the senior safety advisor for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots foundation (AOPA) and Air Safety Institute.  READ MORE

FHWA demonstrates 3-truck platoon in Virginia

(Transport Topics) With help from the Virginia State Police, the Federal Highway Administration demonstrated a three-truck platoon Sept. 14, plying an 8-mile course on a state highway. The closest following distance between trucks during one of the test drives was 45 to 50 feet at 55 mph — a following gap of just 0.6 second.  READ MORE

Uber’s fleet of self-sriving cars in Pittsburgh back on road after crash

(Tribune-Review) Uber grounded its fleet of self-driving cars in Pittsburgh for a few hours Monday morning as the company investigated a crash involving one of its vehicles. A spokesman said there were no serious injuries and that only Uber employees were in the self-driving SUV at the time of the crash. Pittsburgh Public Safety confirmed that no one was injured and said the driver of Uber’s Volvo XC90 was in full control of the SUV at the time of the crash.  READ MORE

JetBlue CEO blasts big U.S. airlines for wielding ‘anti-consumer power’

(Skift) JetBlue Airways CEO Robin Hayes on Monday criticized United, American and Delta airlines for opposing the three-largest Gulf carriers as they expand in the United States. The Open Skies debate is important for JetBlue, which supports the rights of Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways and Emirates to fly whatever U.S. routes they want.  READ MORE

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